Handwritten Fonts

Wedding invitations set the tone for the wedding so the font you use couldn't be more important. It not only communicates to your guests what they can expect in terms of formality, but the overall style and theme of your big day are often revealed through it as well.

The handwritten look is perhaps the hottest trend we’re seeing in wedding stationery, giving off a personalised, casual and friendly vibe. Of course, much like real-life handwriting, not all handwriting fonts are created equal. So, to save you from trudging through endless pages, we've carefully handpicked some of the most usable script fonts that are available and tried to include a few personalities: like signature style fonts, your ever-trendy skinny fonts and ones with juuuust the right amount of messy.


Feminine, personal, elegant, pretty and stylish.

San Serif Fonts

As Serif refers to the “tails” on the letters, San Serif means “without tails”.

Sans serif fonts, on the other hand, are typically much more casual and very modern. Since the font style is simpler, it usually looks very clean when printed too. Expectations would be a lower key affair, most likely with a shared or casual dinner and perhaps some modern décor.


Minimal, neutral, simple, modern, universal and stable.

Decorative Fonts

Also referred to as display type, decorative fonts are typically used for titles and headlines and for small amounts of text in large sizes.

This style of type and lettering is more artistic and eye-catching. Some decorative typefaces use unorthodox letter shapes and proportions to achieve distinctive and dramatic results.


Unconventional, unique, forward thinking, fun and eccentric. 

Calligraphy Fonts

Although we have dabbled in the traditional calligraphy fonts, it's not something we promote. We like adding traditional yet modern elements rather than the old school style. We find them either too decorative and flashy for your simple designs or illegible for your formal designs.

 So our take is more modern calligraphy, a unique blend of classic and modern font. Imperfect style ups and downs, with gorgeous grounds, and furnished with fine lines, smooth, clean and simple. These fonts say that you are more classic and traditional and you love the look of beautiful, flowing letters, which typically match a more elegant and formal affair.


Elegant, classic, formal, sophisticated and distinct.

Serif Fonts

Serif literally refers to the “tails” or lines added to the strokes of the letters.

Serif fonts are also very traditional and formal. Some of the oldest fonts were Serif, so an invitation utilising these fonts would be representative of a very traditional wedding with a sit-down dinner, bouquet toss and the works.


Timeless, formal, glamour, luxurious and high fashion.

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